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Custom board and train

Have a busy schedule, but still want exceptional results? Our in-home Board & Train is perfect for those that want a professional trainer to lay the foundation for you and then teach you how to follow through with the results upon your dog returning home.

While your dog is in our care, they will stay in a designated trainers home and are treated as one of our own pack. Once we have a level of reliability inside the home, we take dogs out on field trips to proof behaviors in a variety of environments. Our goal is to generalize these behaviors as much as possible so that the go home process is as seamless as can be.

We take pride in client education, so we send learning material for you to review while your dog is away, as well as schedule an extensive hands-on go home lesson, so that you can practice what your dog has learned with your trainer right there coaching you. We also include life-long complementary follow up lessons for dogs who have completed our board and train program because we want to be your coaches for life!

Whether you have a new puppy and are looking to lay a solid foundation, need to address problem behaviors in and out of the home, want off leash obedience, seek rehabilitation and more – we can help!

Approximately $1100 per week

**Length is dependent on the individual needs of the dog.**
Tools included.


Feel bad about leaving your dog alone all day, but not thrilled with the idea of leaving them in a hectic daycare environment? Would you rather your dog’s free time be filled with learning something productive versus chewing and destroying your home while you’re at work?

Our Day Train option is perfect for the working individual who wants an obedient canine companion, has a busy lifestyle, but would like them home on evenings and weekends.

Day Train is offered on weekdays, with a short weekly lesson offered on Thursdays and Fridays. Of course, active participation and follow-through is always required for long-term success.

Contact us to discuss package pricing and availability.


Not local to the Greater Charlotte area? No problem! Virtual Lessons are perfect, no matter where you live. Receive private training on any topic from the comfort of your own home!

1 hour Virtual Zoom Lesson is $100.

No tools included.


Interested in taking a more active role in your dogs education? We love educating dog owners on the ins and outs of training. With 1-on-1 lessons, we teach YOU how to train your dog, both in your home and at outdoor locations of your choosing.

Let us customize a lesson package to your individual needs so we can help you achieve on and off leash obedience, help with reactivity, lay puppy foundations, guide you in exposure, hyperactivity, or whatever your heart desires.

Package of 6 lessons for $1200
Package of 10 lessons for $2000.

**Length is dependent on the individual needs of the dog.**
Tools included.


Any dog that completes one of our Board & Train programs is eligible for vacation boarding. We want to continue to care for your dog like they are one of our own pack in the comfort of our home. No need to send your dog away to a smelly facility where they don’t know how to appropriately communicate with your dog. Safety, cleanliness and comfort should be a top priority for your canine companion while you are away from home.

$45 per day with no additional training.

$65 per day with refresher training or extra individual interactive time.

Get Your Dog Trained by Freedom K9!



HERE – recall to handler
SIT – sit and stay where you are
DOWN – down and stay where you are
PLACE – an elevated location with clear, specific boundaries (extended staying ability 30+ min) and the ability to stay there until released
HEEL – structured walk on left side, where the nose does not go past the knee
LETS GO – less structured walk, where your dog has more freedom without pulling on the leash
WAIT – wait for me to tell you your next command or to remain at a threshold until I release you

NO/OFF – stop unwanted behaviors
GOOD – verbal marker to build duration in a behavior by letting your dog know what they are doing is correct, to keep doing it and the handler will come to them with the reward
YES – verbal marker, letting your dog know the behavior they did was correct and they may end the behavior and come into the handler for a reward
NOPE – lets your dog know that they are on the wrong track
FREE – your dog is free to be released and go about their business

So WHAT can we help you with
Well, the sky is the limit!

Our programs are custom designed to your individual needs and goals for you and your dog!  We understand that every dog is unique, every owner is unique and we want to provide you with exactly what you need and nothing more.

  • General, basic or advanced obedience
  • Off leash reliability
  • Play basics
  • Engagement
  • Leash pullng
  • Unwanted jumping
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Counter surfing
  • Nipping
  • Hyperactivity
  • Not coming when called
  • Chewing
  • Soiling in the house
  • Puppy training
  • Exposure
  • Reactivity
  • Digging

We also focus on:

  • Calm indoor behaviors
  • Extended stays on Place (a designated boundary in which they will stay until released)
  • Confidence building for nervous or skittish dogs
  • Impulse control around distractions such as people, food or other dogs

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