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Lindsey Owens


Lindsey started her dog training career as a young adult by seeking out and gaining canine experience through various jobs, such as doggie daycare, boarding, working as a veterinary technician and training. Her most rewarding training experience was while she was living in Nashville, TN, and had the opportunity to work with a local men’s prison and a greyhound rescue where they would teach the inmates how to train basic obedience to the retired greyhounds so they would be better suited for adoption to loving families. It was so exciting to see the bond between these dogs and the inmates through positive communication!

Most recently, Lindsey has become obsessed with elevating her skills by immersing herself in the sport of PSA (Protection Dog Association). She has achieved a Protection Dog Certificate, as well as three legs of her Level 1 Title with her Belgian Malinois, Aero, and is now training in the upper levels. She has also been ranked as a coveted Certified PSA Decoy, which allows her to travel around the country and internationally to test these dogs at trials. There’s just something exciting about being a strong female who can catch dogs, but mainly she is excited to continue learning how to develop a dog in, what she believes to be, one of the toughest dog sports there is!

Adalee Huba


Adalee has always had a passion for working with dogs. Over the past several years, she has gained experience through apprenticing under other professional trainers, and studying various methods of training.

In her spare time, she enjoys training her Dutch shepherd for the sport of French Ring, and attending dog training seminars to expand her knowledge.

Eden Schleicher


Eden has always had a passion for pet care, so after 9 years working for herself she decided to make a career change. She closed her small business and began working at a doggy daycare. After working in several positions at that company, she found herself most fulfilled training dogs. She decided to dedicate her life to this new adventure and looks forward to the challenges each day brings.

In her free time she enjoys trying new things, hiking, and traveling with her boyfriend and their two dogs, as well as participating in various sports with her dog Theo.

Nicole White


Nicole first found her passion for dog training in college as she and her roommate trained her roommate’s service dog together. Soon after, she got her first dog Stasia, a sweet golden retriever who grew to have fairly intense genetic fearfulness. It was through rehabilitating Stasia with play-based training methods that Nicole pursued further education in dog training and continued learning in college while pursuing a degree in psychology. After working in a dog daycare, she saw a need for owner education and advocacy for dogs, something that inspires all her training.

Since then, she has added another dog to her family, Ember, who is being trained in accelerant detection. Any chance she gets, you can find Nicole on a paddle board or on a hike with her dogs.

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